12 Temmuz 2011 Salı

açık radyo 10/07/11

1-The Be Good Tanyas-A Thousand Tiny Pieces/Hello love
2-Winter Took His Life-please don't/blood bone - home alone 2
3-VETO-Cannibal/There's A Beat In All Machines
4-Loney, Dear-Hard Days/Loney, Noir
5-Shearwater-Failed Queen/Palo Santo
6-Promise And The Monster-Antarktis/Transparent Knives
7-f.s. blumm-flocker/summer kling
8-The Skygreen Leopards-Mother the Sun Makes Me Cry/Life & Love in Sparrow's Meadow
9-The Acorn-Crooked Legs/Glory Hope Mountain
10-Elvis Perkins-Sleep Sandwich/Ash Wednesday
12-J. Tillman-When I light your darkened door/Cancer and delirium

açık radyo 03/07/11

1-Angus & Julia Stone-And The Boys/Down The Way
2-16 Horsepower-Black Soul Choir/Sackcloth 'n' Ashes
3-Akron/Family-Everyone Is Guilty/Set 'Em Wild, Set 'Em Free
4-Ola Podrida-Lost And Found/Ola Podrida
5-Chris Bathgate-: A Problem In Dissonance Solved/Throatsleep
6-Iron & Wine-Arms Of A Thief/Around The Well
7-Noah & The Whale-Second Lover/Peaceful The World Lays Me Down
8-Lisa Hannigan-Keep It All/Sea Sew
9-Johnossi-Press Hold/Johnossi
10-Moldy Peaches-Nothing Came Out/The Moldy Peaches
11-Alela Diane-Blue Swallows/Forest Parade
12-Nick Drake-Poor Boy/Way to blue