18 Eylül 2011 Pazar

açık radyo 18/09/11

2-Johnny Cash-Big River/The Legend Of
3-Iris Dement-Troublesome Waters/My Life
4-Bascom Lamar Lunsford-In The Shadow Of The Pines/Ballads, Banjo Tunes, And Sacred Songs Of Western North Carolina
5-The Tallest Man On Earth-Shallow Grave/Shallow Graves
6-Elvis Perkins-Chains, Chains, Chains/Elvis Perkins In Dearland
7-Wooden Wand-Blood/james and the Quiet
8-Marissa Nadler-In The Time Of The Lonny Low/The Saga Of Mayflower May
9-Adam Green-Salty Candy/Friends Of Mine
10-Magnolia Electric Co.-The Night Shift Lullaby/What Comes After The Blues
11-Timber Timbre-There is a Cure/Medicinals
12-Breathe Owl Breathe-Toboggan/Ghost Glacier EP
13- Winter Took His Life-Where I Can See the Sun
14-Mumford & Sons-I Gave You All/Sigh No More

açık radyo 11/09/11

1- Owen-A Bird In Hand/At Home With
2-Bonnie "Prince" Billy-My Home Is The Sea/Is it the Sea?
3-Mogwai-The Sun Smells Too Loud/The Hawk is Howling
4-Smog-Running the Loping/A River Ain't Too Much to Love
6-DAMON & NAOMI-Earth Is Blue/The Earth Is Blue
7-Kelly de Martino-Can't come see me/Radar
8-Ray LaMontagne and The Pariah Dogs-Are We Really Through/God Willin' & the Creek Don't Rise

açık radyo 04/09/11

1-Bonnie "Prince" Billy-Molly Bawn/Is it the Sea?
2-Iron and Wine-The Trapeze Swinger/Norfolk
3-Low-Down/I Could Live In Hope
4-Lambchop-The New Cobweb Summer/Is a Woman
5-Phosphorescent-Endless Pt. 2/Aw Come Aw Wry
6-Thee, Stranded Horse-Le Sel/Churning strides
7-Fredrik-Na Na Ni/Na Na Ni
8-Bowerbirds-Bur Oak/Hymns for a Dark Horse

açık radyo 28/08/11

1-Migala-La Canción De Gurb/Restos De Un Incendio
2-Damon & Naomi-Tanka/With Ghost
3- Songs Of Green Pheasant-West Coast Profiling/Gyllyng Street
4- JOSé GONZáLEZ-Cycling Trivialities/In Our Nature
5-Last Days-Fear/Sea
6-Strand of Oaks-New Paris/Leave Ruin
7-Tarmac-La ballade des gens qui sont nés quelque part/L'Atelier