27 Aralık 2009 Pazar


1-Tara Jane O'Neil-This Morning/In the Sun Lines
2-Erik Enocksson-The Joy of D.H. Lawrence/Farväl Falkenberg
3-Songs Of Green Pheasant-Alex Drifting Alone/Gyllyng Street
4-Six Organs Of Admittance-Close To The Sky/Electric Six Organs
5-Laura Gibson-Shadows On Parade /Beasts Of Seasons
6-Mojave 3-My Life In Art/Excuses For Travellers
7-Lambchop-The New Cobweb Summer/Is a Woman
8-Nick Drake-Poor Boy/Way to blue

23 Aralık 2009 Çarşamba


1-Angels of Light-Not Here/Not Now/ We are Him
2-Malcolm Middleton-Up Late At Night Again/A Brighter Beat
3-Papa M-Lovely Room/Eps
4-Lost in The Trees- All Alone In An Empty House/All Alone In An Empty House
5-Espers-Black Is The Color/The Weed Tree
6-Sunset Wings-Riddles Widely Expounded/Covering For Solace
7-Grizzly Bear-Fine For Now/Veckatimest
8-Tiny Vipers-Outside/Life on Earth
9-King Creosote-All Mine/They Flock Like Vulcans To See Old Jupiter Eyes On His Home Craters
10-Nick Drake-All My Trials/Family Tree

15 Aralık 2009 Salı


1-Elvis Perkins-While You Were Sleeping/Ash Wednesday
2-Jack Rose-Cross the North Fork/Kensington Blues
3-Greg Weeks-I Will Fall to Meet Her/Awake Like Sleep
4-Ruby Throat-Dear Daniel/The Ventriloquist
5-Ugly Casanova-Ice On The Sheets/Sharpen Your Teeth
6-Akron/Family-They Will Appear/Set 'Em Wild, Set 'Em Free
7-Thee, Stranded Horse-Le Sel/Churning strides
8-Nick Drake-Three Hours/Five Leaves Left

6 Aralık 2009 Pazar


1-Angus & Julia Stone-Another Day/ A Book Like This
2-William Fitzsimmons-Funeral Dress/ Until When We Are Ghosts
3-Bon Iver-Skinny Love/For Emma, Forever Ago
4-Brown Bird-The Ice and the Snow Haunt Me Still/ The Bottom of the Sea
5-Deradoorian-Hihg Road/ Mind Raft
6-Daniel Johnston-The Story of an Artist/Don't Be Scared
7-Xiu Xiu-Fabulous Muscles/ Fabulous Muscles
8-Bruce Peninsula-Shutters/ A Mountain is a Mouth
9-The Twilight Sad- Cold Days From the Birdhouse/ Fourteen Autumns And Fifteen Winters
10-Winter Took His Life- Where I Can See The Sun/ Blood Bone-Home Alone EP
11-Shearwater- Rooks/ Rook
12-Nick Drake-Northern Sky/ Way to blue (çalamadık)

2 Aralık 2009 Çarşamba


1-Moriarty-Animals can't laugh/Gee whiz but this is a lonesom
2-Diane Cluck-Easy To Be Around/Oh Vanille
3-Sera Cahoone-Happy-When I'm Gone/Only as the Day Is Long
4-Strand of Oaks-Lawns Breed Songs/Leave Ruin
5-Samamidon-Sugar Baby/ All is Well
6-Neko Case-I'm an animal/Middle Cyclone
7-Timber Timbre-Trouble Comes Knocking/Timber Timbre
8-David Thomas Broughton-Execution/The Complete Guide to Insufficiency
9-Devendra Banhart-The Body Breaks/Rejoicing in the Hands
10-Ferraby Lionheart-Uno Ballo Della Luna/Catch the Brass Ring
11-Ronnie Lane-How Come/The Singer/Songwriter Box, Disc 3: Passion
12-Jackson Browne-These Days/ For Everyman
13-Nick Drake-Here Come The Blues/Family Tree
14-Dock Boggs-Country Blues/Anthology Of American Folk Music, Vol. 3B: Songs