23 Aralık 2009 Çarşamba


1-Angels of Light-Not Here/Not Now/ We are Him
2-Malcolm Middleton-Up Late At Night Again/A Brighter Beat
3-Papa M-Lovely Room/Eps
4-Lost in The Trees- All Alone In An Empty House/All Alone In An Empty House
5-Espers-Black Is The Color/The Weed Tree
6-Sunset Wings-Riddles Widely Expounded/Covering For Solace
7-Grizzly Bear-Fine For Now/Veckatimest
8-Tiny Vipers-Outside/Life on Earth
9-King Creosote-All Mine/They Flock Like Vulcans To See Old Jupiter Eyes On His Home Craters
10-Nick Drake-All My Trials/Family Tree

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