28 Kasım 2010 Pazar

açık radyo 28/11/10 Nick Drake Özel

1-Nick Drake-Things Behind The Sun/Pink Moon
2-Nick Drake-Place To Be/Pink Moon
3-Nick Drake-Three Hours/Five Leaves Left
4-Nick Drake-River Man/Five Leaves Left
5-Nick Drake-Magic/Made To Love Magic
6-Nick Drake-Time Of No Reply/Made To Love Magic
7-Nick Drake-Bryter Layter/Bryter Layter
8-Nick Drake-Sunday/Bryter Layter
9-Nick Drake-At the Chime of a City Clock/Bryter Layter
10-Nick Drake-Black Eyed Dog /Way to blue
11-Nick Drake-Way To Blue/Way to blue
12-Nick Drake-All My Trials/Family Tree
13-Nick Drake-Kegelstatt Trio/Family Tree
14-Nick Drake-Try To Remember/Family Tree
15-Nick Drake-Poor Mum/Family Tree
16-Nick Drake-Pink Moon/Pink Moon
17-Nick Drake-Horn/Pink Moon

23 Kasım 2010 Salı

açık radyo 21/11/10

1- Nic Garcia-Far Away/Sheep And Wolf
2- The Notwist-Gone Gone Gone/The Devil, You + Me (Promo)
3- The Notwist-The Devil, You & Me/The Devil, You + Me (Promo)
4-Stanley Brinks-Stanley Brinks/Dank U
5-Stanley Brinks-One goodbye/Hoots
6-Mi And L'au-Study/Mi And L'au
7-Mi And L'au-A Word In Your Belly/Mi And L'au
8-The Low Anthem-Don't Let Nobody Turn You 'Round/Daytrotter Session - 6/18/2009
9-The Low Anthem-Cage The Songbird/Daytrotter Session - 6/18/2009
10-Smog-Dress Sexy At My Funeral/Dongs of Sevotion
11-Smog-The Well/A River Ain't Too Much to Love
12-Nic Garcia-The Valley/Sheep And Wolf

14 Kasım 2010 Pazar

açık radyo 14/11/10

1-Ray LaMontagne-Trouble/Trouble
2-Bon Iver-Woods/Blood Bank
3-Bon Iver-Blood Bank/Blood Bank
4-Chris Bathgate-Yes, I'm Cold/Throatsleep
5-Chris Bathgate-The Darkness Was Vague/Throatsleep
6-Cocteau Twins-Pandora/Treasure
7-Cocteau Twins-Primitive heart/eyes are mosaics [bootleg]
8-Fleet Foxes-He Doesn't Know Why/Fleet Foxes
9-Fleet Foxes-Blue Ridge Mountains/Fleet Foxes
10-Flowers From Man Who Shot Your Cousin-running dry/hapless
11-Flowers From Man Who Shot Your Cousin-postcards from a river/hapless
12-Ray LaMontagne-All the Wild Horses/Trouble

7 Kasım 2010 Pazar

açık radyo 7/11/10

1-The American Analog Set-First Of Four/Set Free
2-Audie Darling-Worn Out Shoe/Full of Ghosts
3-Audie Darling-Little Bird/Full of Ghosts
4-Beirut-A Sunday Smile/The Flying Club Cup
5-Beirut-Nantes/The Flying Club Cup
6-Casiotone For the Painfully Alone-Tom Justice, The Choir Boy Robber, Apprehended At Ace Hardware In Libertyville, IL/Vs. Children
7-Casiotone For the Painfully Alone-Natural Light/Vs. Children
8-The Delano Orchestra-frozen lake/A little girl, a little boy, and all the snails they have drawn
9-The Delano Orchestra-i miss a bird/A little girl, a little boy, and all the snails they have drawn
10- Detektivbyrån-Vänerhavet/Hemvägen (EP)
11-Detektivbyrån-Hemvägen/Hemvägen (EP)
12-Múm-A River Don't Stop To Breathe/Sing Along To Songs You Don't Know
13-Múm-Kay-Ray-Ku-Ku-Ko-Kex/Sing Along To Songs You Don't Know
14-The American Analog Set-Sharp Briar/Set Free