23 Kasım 2010 Salı

açık radyo 21/11/10

1- Nic Garcia-Far Away/Sheep And Wolf
2- The Notwist-Gone Gone Gone/The Devil, You + Me (Promo)
3- The Notwist-The Devil, You & Me/The Devil, You + Me (Promo)
4-Stanley Brinks-Stanley Brinks/Dank U
5-Stanley Brinks-One goodbye/Hoots
6-Mi And L'au-Study/Mi And L'au
7-Mi And L'au-A Word In Your Belly/Mi And L'au
8-The Low Anthem-Don't Let Nobody Turn You 'Round/Daytrotter Session - 6/18/2009
9-The Low Anthem-Cage The Songbird/Daytrotter Session - 6/18/2009
10-Smog-Dress Sexy At My Funeral/Dongs of Sevotion
11-Smog-The Well/A River Ain't Too Much to Love
12-Nic Garcia-The Valley/Sheep And Wolf

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