30 Ocak 2011 Pazar

açık radyo 30/01/11

1-Great Lake Swimmers-Everything Is Moving So Fast/Lost Channels
2-Gregory And The Hawk-A Wish/The Boats & Birds EP
3-Gregory And The Hawk-Boats & Birds/The Boats & Birds EP
4-A.A. Bondy-A Slow Parade/When The Devil's Loose
5-A.A. Bondy-The Coal Hits The Fire/When The Devil's Loose
6-Chris Bathgate-We Die/Throatsleep
7-Chris Bathgate-Yes, I'm Cold/Throatsleep
8- Peter Von Poehl-The Bell Tolls Five/Going To Where The Tea Trees Are
9-Peter Von Poehl-Global Conspiracy/Going To Where The Tea Trees Are
10-Kelly de Martino-New orleans/Radar
11-Kelly de Martino-Can't come see me/Radar
12-Great Lake Swimmers-She Comes To Me In Dreams/Lost Channels

23 Ocak 2011 Pazar

açık radyo 23/01/11

1-Caetano Veloso-Sophisticated Lady/A Foreign Sound
2-Heather Nova-Ear To The Ground/Glow Stars
3-Heather Nova-My Fidelity/Glow Stars
4-The Finches-Step Outside/Human Like A House
5-The Finches-Human Like A House/Human Like A House
6-Bill Callahan-Diamond Dancer/Diamond Dancer
7-Bill Callahan-Taken/Diamond Dancer
8-Josephine Foster & The Supposed-Well-Heeled Men/All The Leaves Are Gone
9-Josephine Foster & The Supposed-Silly Song/All The Leaves Are Gone
10-Greg Weeks-Made/Awake Like Sleep
11-Greg Weeks-The One True Song/Awake Like Sleep
12-Caetano Veloso-Chuvas de Verão/Caetano Veloso [1969]

16 Ocak 2011 Pazar

açık radyo 16/01/11

1-Elisa Luu-Slow Bass Flute
2-De Rosa-Nocturne For An Absentee/Prevention
3-De Rosa-A Love Economy/Prevention
4-Gareth Dickson-Like A Clock/Collected Recordings
5-Gareth Dickson-If I /Collected Recordings
6-Mugison-Murr murr/Mugimama - is this monkey music?
7-Mugison-Deep Breathing/Mugiboogie
8-William Fitzsimmons-I Don't Feel It Anymore (Song Of The Sparrow)/The Sparrow & The Crow
9-William Fitzsimmons-We Feel Alone/The Sparrow & The Crow
10-St. Vincent-Paris Is Burning/Marry Me
11- St. Vincent-Marry Me/Marry Me
12-Jose Gonzalez-Heartbeats/Folk But Not Folk
13-José González-The Nest/In Our Nature
14-Elisa Luu-Starry Night

9 Ocak 2011 Pazar

açık radyo 09/01/11

1-Adam Green-Friends of Mine/Friends Of Mine
2-Beach House-Turtle Island/Devotion
3-Beach House-All the Years/Devotion
4-Blind Pilot-I Buried a Bone/3 Rounds And A Sound
5-Blind Pilot-Go on, Say it/3 Rounds And A Sound
6-Bowerbirds-Slow Down/Hymns for a Dark Horse
7-Bowerbirds-Hooves/Hymns for a Dark Horse
8-Clem Snide-Nick Drake Tape/You Were A Diamond
9-Clem Snide-Weird/End of Love
10-VETO-You are a knife/There's A Beat In All Machines
11-VETO-I Brought the BBQ/There's A Beat In All Machines
12-The Wooden Birds-Sugar/Magnolia
13-The Wooden Birds-The Other One/Magnolia
14-Scary Mansion-Go To Hell/Every Joke Is Half The Truth
15-Scary Mansion-Yer Grief/Make me Cry
16-Adam Green-Bluebirds/Friends Of Mine

2 Ocak 2011 Pazar

açık radyo 02/01/11

1-Red House Painters-Song for a Blue Guitar/Songs for a Blue Guitar
2-Galaxie 500-Ceremony/On Fire
3-Papa M-The Trees Do Grow So High/Eps
4-Damon & Naomi-Don't Forget/With Ghost
5-Low-Words/I Could Live In Hope
6-Vic Chesnutt-You Are Never Alone/North Star Deserter
7-Sera Cahoone-You're Not Broken/Only as the Day Is Long
8-Deradoorian-High Road/Mind Raft
9-Six Organs of Admittance-Saint Cloud/School of the Flower
10-Black Moth Super Rainbow-Changing You All/Drippers