30 Ocak 2011 Pazar

açık radyo 30/01/11

1-Great Lake Swimmers-Everything Is Moving So Fast/Lost Channels
2-Gregory And The Hawk-A Wish/The Boats & Birds EP
3-Gregory And The Hawk-Boats & Birds/The Boats & Birds EP
4-A.A. Bondy-A Slow Parade/When The Devil's Loose
5-A.A. Bondy-The Coal Hits The Fire/When The Devil's Loose
6-Chris Bathgate-We Die/Throatsleep
7-Chris Bathgate-Yes, I'm Cold/Throatsleep
8- Peter Von Poehl-The Bell Tolls Five/Going To Where The Tea Trees Are
9-Peter Von Poehl-Global Conspiracy/Going To Where The Tea Trees Are
10-Kelly de Martino-New orleans/Radar
11-Kelly de Martino-Can't come see me/Radar
12-Great Lake Swimmers-She Comes To Me In Dreams/Lost Channels

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