9 Ocak 2011 Pazar

açık radyo 09/01/11

1-Adam Green-Friends of Mine/Friends Of Mine
2-Beach House-Turtle Island/Devotion
3-Beach House-All the Years/Devotion
4-Blind Pilot-I Buried a Bone/3 Rounds And A Sound
5-Blind Pilot-Go on, Say it/3 Rounds And A Sound
6-Bowerbirds-Slow Down/Hymns for a Dark Horse
7-Bowerbirds-Hooves/Hymns for a Dark Horse
8-Clem Snide-Nick Drake Tape/You Were A Diamond
9-Clem Snide-Weird/End of Love
10-VETO-You are a knife/There's A Beat In All Machines
11-VETO-I Brought the BBQ/There's A Beat In All Machines
12-The Wooden Birds-Sugar/Magnolia
13-The Wooden Birds-The Other One/Magnolia
14-Scary Mansion-Go To Hell/Every Joke Is Half The Truth
15-Scary Mansion-Yer Grief/Make me Cry
16-Adam Green-Bluebirds/Friends Of Mine

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