26 Eylül 2010 Pazar


1-Noah And The Whale-5 Years Time /Peaceful The World Lays Me Down
2-Woven hand-Oil on panel/Consider the birds
3- Woven Hand-Sparrow falls/Consider the birds
4-16 Horsepower-Strong Man/Sackcloth 'n' Ashes
5-16 Horsepower-I Seen What I Saw/Sackcloth 'n' Ashes
6-Grizzly Bear-All We Ask/Veckatimest
7-Grizzly Bear-Fine for Now /Veckatimest
8- Jim O'Rourke-The Workplace/Halfway To A Threeway [EP]
9-Jim O'Rourke-Not Sport, Marital Art/Halfway To A Threeway [EP]
10-Noah and the Whale-My Broken Heart/The First Days of Spring

23 Eylül 2010 Perşembe


1-Bascom Lamar Lunsford-I Wish I Was A Mole In The Ground/Ballads, Banjo Tunes, And Sacred Songs Of Western North Carolina
2- The Be Good Tanyas-When Doves Cry/Hello love
3-The Be Good Tanyas-Scattered Leaves/Hello love
4-Björn Kleinhenz & Pete Thompson-Blue skies/Pigbone 3000
5-Björn Kleinhenz & Pete Thompson-She is in there/Pigbone 3000
6- Sophie Hunger-monday's ghost/Monday's Ghost
7-Sophie Hunger-rise and fall/Monday's Ghost
8-Bruce Peninsula-shutters/A Mountain Is A Mouth
9-Bruce Peninsula-shanty song/A Mountain Is A Mouth
10-Horse Feathers-Working Poor/House With No Home
11- Horse Feathers-Burden/House With No Home
12-Bascom Lamar Lunsford-Drinking Of The Wine/Ballads, Banjo Tunes, And Sacred Songs Of Western North Carolina

12 Eylül 2010 Pazar


1-Lost In The Trees-All Alone In An Empty House/All Alone In An Empty House
2-Little Joy-The Next Time Around/Little Joy
3-Little Joy-Brand New Start/Little Joy
4-Joanna Newsom-"En Gallop"/The Milk-Eyed Mender
5-Joanna Newsom-The Book of Right-on/The Milk-Eyed Mender
6-Band of Horses-No One's Gonna Love You/Cease to Begin
7-Band Of Horses-Monsters/Everything All The Time
8-St. Vincent-Paris Is Burning/Marry Me
9-St. Vincent-Land Mines/Marry Me
10-the white birch-silent love/come up for air
11-the white birch-the astronaut/come up for air
12-Lost In The Trees-Love On My Side/All Alone In An Empty House

5 Eylül 2010 Pazar


1-Laura Marling-Shine/Alas I Cannot Swim
2-Johnny Flynn-The Prizefighter And The Heiress/Been Listening
3-Johnny Flynn-Barnacled Warship/Been Listening
4-Marissa Nadler-Loner/Little Hells
5-Marissa Nadler-Mary Come Alive/Little Hells
6-Mumford & Sons-The Cave/Sigh No More
7-Mumford & Sons-I Gave You All/Sigh No More
8-The Innocence Mission-Small Planes/Small Planes
9-The Innocence Mission-Everything's Different Now/Glow
10-Sam Amidon-Relief/I See The Sign
11-Sam Amidon-I See The Sign/I See The Sign
12-Laura Marling-Cross Your Fingers/Alas I Cannot Swim