19 Aralık 2010 Pazar

açık radyo 19/12/10

1- Angus & Julia Stone-All Of Me/Chocolate & Cigarettes EP
2-Elvis Perkins-How's Forever Been Baby/Elvis Perkins In Dearland
3-Wooden Stars-Gold Dust/People are Different
4-Vetiver-Rolling Sea/Tight Knit
5-Breathe Owl Breathe-Toboggan/Ghost Glacier EP
6-Kath Bloom-Thin Thin Line /Thin Thin Line
7-Real Estate-Suburban Beverage/Real Estate
8-Johnny Flynn-Been Listening/Been Listening
9-Laura Marling-Hope In The Air/I Speak Because I Can
10- Rye 'n Clover-Remember the Sunflowers/Pencils Paper & Scissors
11-Rye 'n Clover-Under This Bridge/Pencils Paper & Scissors

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