10 Nisan 2011 Pazar

açık radyo 10/04/11

1-Amalgamated Sons Of Rest-The Last House/Amalgamated Sons Of Rest [EP]
2-Alasdair Roberts-The Daemon Lover/Too Long In This Condition
3-Alasdair Roberts-Barbara Allen/ Too Long In This Condition
4-The Be Good Tanyas-For The Turnstiles/Hello love
5-The Be Good Tanyas-Scattered Leaves/Hello love
6-Palace Brothers-West Palm Beach
7-Palace Brothers- O Lord Are You in Need/There is No-One what Will Take Care of You
8-Silver Jews-Pretty Eyes/The Natural Bridge
9-Silver Jews-Black And Brown Blues/The Natural Bridge
10-Marissa Nadler-Loner/Little Hells
11-Marissa Nadler-Mistress/Little Hells
12-Amalgamated Sons Of Rest-Major March/Amalgamated Sons Of Rest [EP]

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