14 Mayıs 2011 Cumartesi

açık radyo 08/05/11

1-Noah and the Whale-The First Days of Spring/The First Days of Spring
2-My Latest Novel-The Greatest Shakedown/Deaths And Entrances
3-My Latest Novel-A Dear Green Place/Deaths And Entrances
4-Mumford & Sons-Little Lion Man/Love Your Ground
5-Mumford & Sons-White Blank Page/Lend Me Your Eyes
6-Moriarty-Jimmy/Gee Whiz, But This Is A Lonesome Town
7-Moriarty-Private lily/Gee whiz but this is a lonesom
8-Alexi Murdoch-Orange Sky/Four Songs
9-Alexi Murdoch-Dream About Flying/Time Without Consequence
10-Lightning Dust-Wind Me Up/Lightning Dust
11-Lightning Dust-Jump In/Lightning Dust
12-Noah and the Whale-My Door Is Always Open/The First Days of Spring

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