15 Kasım 2009 Pazar


1- Kings of Convenience- Mrs Cold/ Declaration of Dependence
2-This is Deer Country- Away/ Day Lily King EP
3- Benjamin Wetherill- Woodland Whites
4-Miss Emily Brown- All My Heroes/ Part of You Pours Out of Me
5- The Deep Dark Woods- The Birds on the Bridge/ Winter Hours
6-Gillian Welch- Tear My Stillhouse Down/ Revival
7- Doug Martsch- Offer/ Now You Know
8-Vic Chesnutt- Everything I Say/ North Star Deserter
9-O'Death- Down to Rest/ Head Home
10-Edith Frost- Cars and Parties/ Wonder Wonder
11-Vetiver- Another Reason to Go/ Tight Knit
12-Simon & Garfunkel- Leaves That Are Green/ Sounds of Silence
13-Nick Drake- Time of No Reply/ Made to Love Magic
14-Stina Nordenstam- So This is Goodbye/ And She Closed Her Eyes

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