8 Kasım 2009 Pazar


1- Donovan- Mellow Yellow/ Mellow Yellow
2-Bowerbirds- In Our Talons/ Hymns for a Dark Horse
3-The Acorn- Hold Your Breathe/ Glory Hope Mountain
4-The Cave Singers- Cold Eye/ Invitation Songs
5-Iris Dement- Sweet is the Melody/ My Life
6-Chris Bathgate- Yes, I'm Cold/ Throatsleep
7-Frontier Ruckus- Dark Autumn Hour/ The Orion Songbook
8-Breathe Owl Breathe- Ghost in the Morning Moon/ Ghost Glacier EP
9-Herman Düne- My Home is Nowhere Without You/ Next Year in Zion
10-Jean Leloop- I Lost My Baby
11-Iron & Wine- The Trapeze Swinger/ Around the Well
12-Mark Kozelek- My Friend Bob/ The Finally LP
13-Nick Drake- Things Behind The Sun/ Pink Moon

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