4 Ocak 2010 Pazartesi


1-Vic Chesnutt-Splendid / North Star Deserter
2-Nick Drake-Parasite/Pink Moon
3-Swell-Trouble Loves You/South of the Rain and Snow
4-Scout Niblett- Drummerboy /I Am
5-Castanets-Song Is Not the Song of the World/First Light's Freeze
6-Benoît Pioulard-Ash Into The Sky/Précis
7-Boduf Songs -Mission Creep/ How Shadows Chase the Balance
8-Kelly de Martino-Saddest song/Radar
9-Promise And The Monster-Sheets/Transparent Knives
10-Sparklehorse- Sunshine/Good Morning Spider
11-Rivulets-Motioning/You Are My Home

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