10 Ocak 2010 Pazar


1-Nick Drake-Fruit Tree/Five Leaves Left
2-Bridget St. John-Ask Me No Questions/Ask Me No Questions
3-Donovan-Sunshine Superman/Donovan's Greatest Hits
4-Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love-Fear of A Wide Open Life/Ends Of June
5-Tunng-People Folk/Mother's Daughter and Other Songs Folk
6-Mumford & Sons-White Blank Page/Lend Me Your Eyes
7-Clayhill- Northern Soul/Small Circle
8-Peter And The Wolf -Safe Travels/Lightness
9-Nancy Elizabeth-I 'm Like Paper/ Battle And Victory
10-Vashti Bunyan- Same But Different/ Lookaftering
11-The Incredible String Band-The Mad Hatter's Song/The Chelsea Sessions 1967
12-Duncan Browne-Journey/Duncan Browne

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