23 Haziran 2011 Perşembe

açık radyo 19/06/11

1- Alela Diane-Pirate's Gospel/The Pirate's Gospel
2-Breathe Owl Breathe-Sabertooth Tiger/Ghost Glacier EP
3-Nick Drake-From The Morning/Way to blue
4-Malcolm Middleton-Week Off/Sleight Of Heart
5-Woods-Military Madness/Songs Of Shame
6-John Lee Hooker-I cover the waterfront/The Best of Friends
7-Nina Nastasia-This Is What It Is/The Blackened Air
8-Wooden Stars-Gold Dust/People are Different
9-Swell-Saved By The Summer
10-Iron & Wine-Peace Beneath the City/The Shepherd's Dog
11-Karl Blau-An Emptiness/96
12-Jean Leloup-1990/L'amour est sans pitié

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